In the early 1980’s, the Mennell family of the Similkameen Valley in British Columbia discovered a tree in one of their orchards bearing unusual apples. The apples had the general conical shape of the reds and goldens nearby, but everything else about them was different. They tried them, loved them, and decided to try growing them. Today the variety has been patented, tested for disease resistance, fruit consistency, tree vigor, and so forth. All indications are that it is a very good producer and a great choice for farmers and consumers alike.

Ambrosia is well named; it is a delight to look at, to touch, to bite into and to savor. The skin is smooth, with a bright, almost iridescent pink blush over a creamy white background. The flesh is creamy, tender, and juicy, with a very fine, crisp texture. It is a sweet, low-acid apple, with a pleasing aroma. The Ambrosia is a very civilized, refined apple, destined to be loved by connoisseurs of the good life everywhere.

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